Dude wins CT HS girls track championship


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He won both the 100 & 200 meter events and took 4th in the 400 meter race. Both the 100 & 200 meter race times are CT women's state record.

[FONT=&quot]Connecticut just has its State Open track and field championship events, and one athlete was breaking State Open records left and right for the girls' events. That participant also happened to be a transgender, and so is the runner-up.

[FONT=&quot]The results, tallied up as the championships took place at Willow Brook Park on Monday, June 4, saw Terry Miller blow by the competition in the girls' 100-meter dash event, setting a meet record time of just 11.72 seconds,[/FONT]
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It is sad what we are becoming in this country when boys can pretend to be girls and then claim win a championship.