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It's like me asking you how you'd respond if you woke up one morning to discover you'd turned into a wild boar. I have no answer for such an extreme and unlikely hypothetical.

Thats what I expected you to say to begin with, not end with.
Like you, I would never own a retail business where theft was legal.


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I think I mentioned this on here somewhere but let me repeat here in case you missed it-

About 2-3 months ago, we had a MOC come into our store and attempt to steal a power tool. He was about 250 pounds. My female employee weighing in at about 150 lbs saw what this man was attempting and stopped him in his tracks! After confronting him about his actions, she retrieved the tool and he walked out of the store WITHOUT knocking her out or causing any further disturbance. So as @vraiblonde has indicated, these thugs can be stopped with no one getting hurt.
Awesome. You go, girl!


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I fully believe #3, but if you did live there and owned a store then you are wrong about #1/#2. Unless you are actually 6ft tall and 220lbs, in which case I pity Monello.

The fact is, if you physically attempted to restrain him the most likely outcomes would be #1 he knocked you on your ass or #2 you go to jail for unlawful restraint and assault, then this gentleman own's your business after suing you.
That is why you carry a GUN put a round thru his leg and he wont rob again


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I remember back in my younger days I worked at a 7-11. I was in the cold vault stocking milk, drinks, and other refrigerated products and I look out in the main walkway to the front door. The cigarettes cabinet was in front of the cashier. I watched a family distract the cashier so she turn around while they snag a few cartons and the little kids opened up the bag they had and the parents tossed them in. Teaching the kids at an early age. I just shake my head, come out the vault and make my way to the front door to block access. I whispered to cashier that the family just stole couple of cartons of cigs. She just says real loud, call the police. You never seen cartons of cigarettes' come out of a bag so quickly "how much are these?". I just shook my head. This was in Clinton.


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Sadly, I concur. Sorry, @vraiblonde , these are habitual thugs you would be facing. Very big on physical strength coupled with propensity for explosive violence without restraint.

You have strong personality, but you are definitely not familiar with the damage this type of people cause. Most likely nobody on this forum is.
I am very familiar. And, I wear the scars inside.