Economic good news


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Stuff we don't hear about with all the focus on Kavanaugh hearings...
Which is why this whole Christine Ford thing is happening - to distract from how well the country is doing under Trump's leadership. What else are they going to attack him on?


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You are such a putz.

This was yesterday's is the Conference Board's site: I've posted this for you on numerous occasions as well. STILL too stupid to look it up. STILL too lazy to read something other than propaganda.

Please go look up the definition of the word unexpected...then email it to the author of your story. For each economic data point that is surveyed, compiled and then released there expects a general opinion...sometimes the consensus opinion is a set number...sometimes it is a range. It the actual number that is released is outside of is "unexpected"...which conforms neatly to the definition of the words expected and unexpected.

The news from the Conference Board was good...the inferences made by your propaganda site were, as usual, poor. Of course, all those points have been debunked before. You are just STILL too stupid to understand.