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Boomer Dad explains why America is experiencing labor issues and hits the nail on the head


"My father, a 72 yr old retired school teacher [explained] the reason people don't stay at jobs for a long time anymore is because the only way they can get raises is to change companies," they wrote, before adding that workers were always rewarded for their contributions in those days. "When a company did well, that profit was shared with the employees. Today, 'the f*cking evil business owners' keep it all for themselves," they wrote, which probably explains the income inequality gap in the country.

They went on to add that the U.S. education system hampered the progress of the country and limited the critical thinking ability of Americans. "The U.S. education system is designed to condition us to the bullshit work expectations that exist today (he says this started in 1963). The U.S. education system is inherently and intentionally racist," they wrote before adding, "I love my Dad."

Reddit was pleasantly surprised by his take and showered praise on him. "Seeing it was a boomer opinion in the title I clicked on this expecting to be annoyed. Your dad is refreshingly insightful and on point. Why don’t you grab the old man a coffee or a beer for me and tell him the internet gives him a thumbs up," one person wrote. Many boomers weighed in on the discussion and said they were given an unnecessary rap and added that many supported the younger generation. Another added, "Enlightened boomers are some of my favorite people. Old enough to have an awesome experience and smart enough not to buy the bullsh*t that was fed to them!"


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Oregon school board takes meetings online to hide from angry parents

Oregon’s North Clackamas School District has decided to take the coward’s way out and move board meetings online after parents voiced outrage over LGBTQ+ content being taught in school as academic performance tanks.
A Department of Education report has evidently revealed that while woke, sexualized policies are being pushed in the classroom, students are not doing well in their academics.
On October 27 of this year, parents attended a school board meeting and complained about the school curriculum. They also accused the district of trying to keep parents in the dark over various issues, according to KATV.

One father who was particularly outraged by the response told reporters that the way the school board is operating is “a complete dumpster fire.” Another said that “school choice and privatization of education are on the way.”

In response, some of the school board members attempted a move taken straight from the usual leftist playbook, accusing the parents of homophobia. Unfortunately for them, one of the mothers who identified herself as part of the LGBTQ community said, “It isn’t homophobic or transphobic to believe that children should not be sexualized or mutilated under the guise of the LGBT umbrella.” Ouch.

One family quickly moved to remove their children from the public schools and more are planning to follow.


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Woke California teacher who identifies as 'trans demi-boy non-binary' is teaching kids about gender and pronouns using 'gender-fluid' stuffed UNICORN and narwhal

  • Skye Tooley currently teaches fifth grade at Saturn Street Elementary in Los Angeles and identifies as 'trans demi-boy non-binary'
  • They have been teaching children in the fifth grade about gender ideology
  • Tooley is keen to impart their opinions on TikTok on how best to teach small children that there are not simply boys and girls but a whole range of genders
  • Teacher has been using stuffed animated including a unicorn and narwahl in order to explain 'gender fluidity'
  • Despite their young age, Tooley says more elementary school educators should teach about gender because 'Children are very much ready for these topics'


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Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis Deflects From Sexualization of School Curriculums, Blames Parents for Not “Preparing” Their Kids for School

“In response, Trantalis said, “It’s not because the teaching…of sexual orientation. …It’s because parents aren’t preparing their kids for school….Don’t blame the LGTBQ community.”

A parent replies, “We’re here with the LGBTQ community! We’re here. We are speaking out against the sexualization of children. “In further response the Mayor was asked, “Did you hear that parents? It’s not the Mayor or the School Board’s fault, it’s your fault that your kids aren’t getting educated, is that what you said?”

“Mayor Trantalis, are you really blaming parents for what’s going on in the schools?”

Trantalis, “I believe that the parents need to be the first people to teach their children about every subject.” “There you go! Exactly! Then stand with us.”

“Mayor Trantalis, you are against child grooming right? You’re against that. You are a gay man and you are against this stuff, right? So why aren’t you standing with us?”

Trantalis, “Because the word ‘groomer’ has connotations more than what you are attaching to it.”


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Grand Jury: Legal Counsel For Loudoun County School Board Engaged In Witness Tampering During Sexual Assault Investigation

“LCSB’s counsel consistently and repeatedly objected to questions that would elicit information about a meeting or conversation that occurred when [he] was present — regardless of whether that meeting or conversation had anything to do with soliciting legal advice, or if division counsel was even a party to the meeting or conversation,” the report reads.

The jury also noted that LCSB’s counsel routinely “objected to certain questions even though he had allowed previous witnesses to answer[] the exact same question” and utilized “hand signals and other methods” to exchange information with witnesses as they testified.

But the interference by the school’s board legal representative didn’t stop there. After the grand jury received a May 2021 email from the Loudoun County Public Schools chief operating officer regarding the purported sexual assault and a policy known as 8040, the LCSB legal rep soon became aware of its existence and alerted the board members. While testifying before the grand jury, several LCSB members proceeded to deliver the “exact same story” regarding the incident and policy in question.


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English Teacher Fights the 'White Supremacy' of Teaching Kids to 'Write Properly'

In a video recently posted online, a self-described English teacher talks of incessant worry:

“As an educator, I am constantly worried if I am part of the problem. What do I mean by that? Well, public education is an institution that upholds lots of problematic systems in our society.”

Such problems, as stated:

  • White Supremacy
  • Misogyny
  • Colonization, etc.

Since she knows sexism, geographically-based subjugation, and KKK-ish concepts have infected institutions of learning, she’s committed to crippling the bowel movements of bulls:

“In my role as an educator, I try to undermine that B.S. in my classroom as much as I possibly can.”

School’s Caucasian-caused corrosion is a bunch of hoo-ey:

“I teach high school English and, hoo, the white supremacy runs deep.”

For those wondering which ways white wickedness wrecks education, examples are provided. According to the educator, the rules regulating essays are ruinous.

Consider conventions which — if I adequately understand — couldn’t have possibly ever been conceived by any Easterner. These are our literary-composition customs:

  • Start with an introduction that includes a thesis.
  • Always cite your sources.
  • Use transition words like “however” and “therefore.”


“These are all made-up rules. … They were created by Westerners in power.”


“They’re arbitrary.”

She goes on to reference author April Baker Bell’s book Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy. From a description of the work on the publisher’s website:

Bringing together theory, research, and practice to dismantle Anti-Black Linguistic Racism and white linguistic supremacy, this book provides ethnographic snapshots of how Black students navigate and negotiate their linguistic and racial identities… … Baker-Bell demonstrates how traditional approaches to language education do not account for the emotional harm, internalized linguistic racism, or consequences these approaches have on Black students’ sense of self and identity. This book presents Anti-Black Linguistic Racism as a framework that explicitly names and richly captures the linguistic violence, persecution, dehumanization, and marginalization Black Language-speakers endure when using their language in schools and in everyday life.

On TikTok, the teacher says Linguistic Justice “got [her] thinking.”



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50 shell-shocked teachers, staff flee chaotic Florida school district

“On an everyday basis I am deflecting being attacked, scratched, headbutted, pushed, hit,” teacher Alicia Kelderhouse said as her voice choked with emotion. “I’ve had my hair pulled, and pulled down to the ground. I’ve had my throat gone for on multiple occasions. It’s on an everyday basis right now.”

Kelderhouse said staffers often commiserate in the morning to muster the courage to face the day — and that frightened kids are grappling with the same fears.

“I have students who are afraid every day in the classroom,” she said. “It’s just not fair to them. That’s what hurts my heart the most.”

The head of the district’s beleaguered teachers union, Anthony Collucci, recounted recent incidents reported by staffers to school administrators.


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Baltimore teacher brags about 'indoctrinating' students with taxpayer money: 'Put the taxes in the bag'

A teacher in Baltimore, Maryland, celebrated "indoctrinating" students while dancing in a post on TikTok.

"Put the taxes in the bag," the teacher's post on TikTok said, as the middle school Spanish teacher jovially danced. The teacher was responding to criticism of using a song in which she lip-synched "f--- up on your b----" in a video adorning her classroom in pride materials.

Fox News Digital identified the teacher as Alexa Sciuto, who works at Pine Grove Middle School in the Baltimore County School District.

Sciuto responded to a user, who said, "None of this is what education is supposed to be about. Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. Why are you so f---ing hellbent on indoctrinating our children?"


She said, "I just got fired for indoctrinating my students."

"Sike," the next clip showed.


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School District President Resigns After Having High School Kids at 'Naughty' Christmas Party

Our latest inductee into the Educator’s Hall of Shame is one Steven Llanusa. Llanusa is the former president of the Claremont Unified School District in Los Angeles County, Calif. Llanusa’s bio has been removed from the district website, and he has resigned. Here’s why.

According to CBS, on December 3, Llanusa hosted a holiday party at his home. And he invited the choir from one of the district’s high schools to perform. He also agreed to pay for the performance to help with a fundraiser. All well and good so far, right? Unfortunately, that is about as innocent as it got. As it turned out, this was a “naughty” holiday party, because of course, people feel the need to sexualize everything, including Christmas and high school students. The choir members waited an hour to perform. The party had an open bar, and the students were offered alcohol. They were also treated to the sight of shirtless male dancers and a “dirty Santa.”


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Sobbing black student is handcuffed and arrested in class at black college after rowing with professor who told her to rewrite an essay: Claims her arrest was racially motivated

The sobbing 20-year-old could be heard telling the cops 'You're hurting me real bad' as her professor denies she called the local police force on the student.

'I was trying to de-escalate,' Villagomez, the co-chair of the school's political science, history and social justice department.

But Hamoud tells the professor: 'I hate you. I swear to God I hate you, I swear to God I hate you, you're the worst teacher ever.

'You get me taken out in handcuffs because I won't apologize?'

'You started yelling at me, you tried to embarrass me about my paper. You're a terrible teacher.


In an Instagram Live video following the viral incident, Hamoud decided to share her side of the story.

She said she and her classmates were part of a group project that included a live presentation set for Wednesday, but just hours before the group was set to present Villagomez emailed her telling her to redo the written portion of the assignment.

Hamoud said she felt that she did not have enough time to rework the essay before they were set to present, but attended class on Wednesday anyway.

'I’m not going back and redoing this essay that took me two weeks and you told me six hours before,' she said in the video. 'And I still came to the final to present with my group because that was what we were supposed to do.'

After the class was briefly interrupted by a fire alarm, Hamoud said Villagomez started to get angry, saying she could either apologize for not redoing the essay or leave the classroom.

In response, Hamoud said, she said she decided to stay in the classroom and continue with the presentation, which she said made up a large percentage of her grade.

'So, boom, she starts yelling at me telling me this is her class [and] it doesn't matter what I think,' Hamoud recounted. 'I started getting loud back, I'm not going to lie to you guys, I was raising my voice too.

'I'm like "Dr. V, I'm not going to redo it, I'm here to present with my group, like I'm here to get this done and get out."

But, Hamoud said, Villagomez continued to demand she leave before the professor ultimately stormed out of the classroom herself to speak with one of her colleagues.

Soon, Hamoud said, campus police arrive on the scene, with a black officer entering and asking what had happened.

'As I'm telling my story, the professor comes back in and says, "Yes officer, I want her taken out."

At that point, she says, another white officer came in and said "You're going to have to get out or I'm going to have to take you out."

'At this point, I'm like Dr. V you're going to lt them arrest me? And she's trying to like fix herself,' she said of the professor apologizing. 'She said either apologize or get out.

'I said "Apologize?' Now, the old me, I would have apologized but I knew I was not wrong. So I said "Apologize because you yelled at me, and you dropped the F bomb."'

She then revealed that she was charged with a second-degree misdemeanor but was released from custody as she did not have any prior misdemeanors.

I do not think calling the police is ' de-escalation ' but insted a power play

What am I missing, I see no reason the student needed to apologize, what was the reason for the re-write, and how did the professor think the student was going to re-write a paper in 6 hours that took 2 weeks

but again missing information on what the re-writing was supposed to accomplish

my gut check reaction the professor did not like being told no .... and got pissy


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Peter Boghossian teaches 'forbidden classes' as 'truth-seeking' University of Austin raises $100 million

"The University of Austin came into being as a result of the ideological capture of American universities," Boghossian said. "And it was a particular ideology promulgated by people on the far left. Sometimes it's called ‘woke ideology.’"

"The solution … to left-wing ideological capture of our institutions is not a right-wing institution," he continued. "It's a truth-seeking university."

The University of Austin has organized limited programs in Dallas — including one Boghossian called "forbidden classes" — while it waits to break ground on newly acquired property in Austin.

"The forbidden classes program are held in person," he said. "It's a class where diverse views, actually people who hold different opinions, are presented about topics we wouldn't or couldn't or shouldn't even talk about."

"If you have a sincere question, you're welcome to ask that, even if some people may be offended by that question," Boghossian told Fox News.


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Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down school choice measure, drawing strong reactions from both sides

"We are compelled to agree that the EOA Act violates the plain language of Section 184," Deputy Chief Justice Lisabeth T. Hughes wrote for the court. "Simply stated, it puts the Commonwealth in the business of raising 'sum(s) … for education other than in common schools.'"

The ruling upheld a lower court decision that barred the state Department of Revenue from administering the program more than a year ago. The court's decision was welcomed by teachers' unions, who hailed it as a victory for public school education.

"We simply can’t afford to support two different education systems — one private and one public — on the taxpayers’ dime, and this ruling supports that concern," said Eddie Campbell, president of the Kentucky Education Association, which represents tens of thousands of public educators. "This decision is proof that the courts continue to serve as an important check against legislative overreach."



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‘Decolonizing Light’: Canadian University Project Aims To Redefine ‘Physics As A Social Field’

“The Decolonizing Light project explores ways and approaches to decolonize science, such as revitalizing and restoring Indigenous knowledges, and capacity building,” the website for the project states. “The project aims to developing a culture of critical reflection and investigation of the relation of science and colonialism.”

Established in 2021, the project is led by Tanja Tajmel, a special equity, diversity, and inclusion advisor to the dean of Concordia University and an Associate Professor at the university’s Centre for Engineering in Society. Also leading the project are Associate Professor of “First Peoples Studies,” Louellyn White, and Associate Professor of Physics and Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ingo Salzmann.

The project boasts a roster of 15 collaborators, including: Concordia “Indigenous pedagogy adviser” Donna Kahérakwas Goodleaf; environmental researcher and chemistry researcher Gregor Kos; three representatives from the Kahnawà:ke Environment Protection Office (KEPO), an indigenous environmental advocacy group; University of Toronto astronomer and indigenous activist Hilding Neilson; and 9 graduate and undergraduate workers. The project also features collaboration from five researchers at major universities around the world.


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Educator brags about indoctrinating kids, then complains about ‘right-wing’ reporting on it

Fox News reports Crete-Monee High’s Heather Marie Godbout (pictured), a member of the school’s Equity Team, also rips “right-wing conspiracy theorist nut jobs” in her video and notes she is opposed to traditional grading policies — because grades get “conflated with other things that aren’t actually learning, like effort or ‘work ethic,’ whatever that means.”

“All you right wing conspiracy theory nut jobs who seem to think the teachers are out here just indoctrinating children into some sort of woke agenda that you can’t actually define, I’m just going to come clean,” Godbout says. “I am, in fact, indoctrinating your children.”

“I’m indoctrinating children into understanding their own agency and learning how to think critically about the issues that impact their lives… I am indoctrinating children into wanting to be productive citizens of the world… So that’s what I’m doing. I’m indoctrinating them. You’re 100% right.”

In response to a commenter who asks why she appears so angry, Godbout says believes conservatives “are legitimately trying to bring down our democracy,” create “a Christian nationalist theocracy” and “literally un-alive people.” Thus, they aren’t worthy of respect.