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Parents and students in Canada appear to be protesting a transgender woodshop teacher who wears large prosthetic breasts to school, according to video footage from Canadian outlets Rebel News and True North.

Parents reportedly protested at Oakville Trafalgar High School, where the transgender educator is employed, according to video footage posted by a producer at True North. The parents’ signs dub the transgender teacher’s prosthetics a form of “depravity.” In the background, a speaker seems to suggest that the situation in part results from the hiring “health ministers that don’t look like they’ve ever been to the gym.”

Students joined the protestors outside of the high school as well, according to video footage from Rebel News. Protesters held signs that read, “teacher’s personal propaganda has no place in the classroom.”



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Somehow I am NOT surprised ... this guy gets off on wearing these fetish breasts in from of children ....

he should be at least FIRED at the most jailed


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‘I have a master’s degree. What do parents have?’

Special education teacher, Alicia Messing, testified before the Arizona Senate Education Committee in opposition to Arizona bill SB1700. The bill would give parents greater insight into materials used by their schools and a procedure for objecting to material they find objectionable, especially those that are found to be ‘lewd or sexual in nature, that promote gender fluidity or gender pronouns or that groom children into normalizing pedophilia’.

Messing seemed quite confident that her master’s degree qualified her to make these decisions for parents.

She went even further to explain her philosophy with the following quote:

‘The purpose of public education is not to teach only what parents want their children to be taught. It is to teach them what society needs them to be taught.’

Let us think about that … hmm … yeah, that’s gonna be a big fat nope.

Guess what, Mrs. Messing? Your master’s degree in education doesn’t qualify YOU to determine what society ‘needs’ children to be taught. It qualifies you to TEACH what society decides children should be taught.

We hate to break it to you, Alicia, but we, the parents, are society.

Our children don’t belong to you. You work for us.

‘What do the parents have?’ Messing asked, after touting her master’s degree.



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My Aunt Charlotte was a public school teacher for 38 years. She says one of the worst things to happen to education was allowing the teachers' unions into politics. Another was the Federal Dept. of Education, 40% of her paperwork in return for 5% of the school's funding.


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Biden Admin Proposes Changes to Trump-Era Rules on Religious Liberty Protection at Colleges

In an announcement on Tuesday, a U.S. Department of Education (DOE) official called the regulation “unduly burdensome” and issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

The DOE formulated the rule in 2019 in response to an executive order by then-President Donald Trump, titled “Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities.” The rule went into effect in November 2020.

Following President Joe Biden’s 2021 inauguration, the DOE announced that it was conducting a review of the aforementioned rule. The regulation included a provision that enabled the federal government to withhold grants from higher education institutions that imposed restrictions on the operations of religious student groups, among other things.


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There is nothing new to the perception of people with college or higher degree's that they have more intelligence than the average yahoo without one. It may even be true to a point.

But i have known many people with higher degrees that don't know sh1t from shinola.
I know what I believe today's kids need more than anything from school. The 3 R's.
Basic education, not homo and gender studies. Not CRT.

Kids need to get along with each other not to be taught that they can change their sex or that they need to hate or forever feel guilt because of the racial problems and bigotry of society. Why teach such tripe as CRT.? It's stupid.


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Providence (RI) Schools Appear To Abandon Segregated Teacher Meetups After Legal Insurrection Challenge

The Providence Public School District (PPSD), the largest district in Rhode Island, is a disaster that got so bad it was taken over by the State of Rhode Island. But results remain abysmal. Recently released state testing data are shocking:

In Providence, the state’s largest school district, 13.1 percent of students met or exceeded expectations in English language arts (down 1 percentage point from 2021), and 9.8 percent were proficient in math (up 3 percentage points from 2021).

Against this background of failure, PPSD devotes enormous resources to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programming, and curriculum in many schools has been revamped to advance oppressor/opressed racial narratives, as exposed by whistleblower teacher Ramona Bessinger.

Some of the DEI initiatives appear to cross legal lines. We have written about how Legal Insurrection Foundation has challenged a new teacher loan forgiveness hiring program open only to non-whites. That matter now is before the EEOC, after a referral transfer from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.

Legal Insurrection also challenged a January 19, 2023, segregated PPSD-organized teacher meetup organized by PPSD’s DEI Working Group in conjuction with a group called Empower, Segregated Providence (RI) Teacher Event Open Only to “Educators of Color” Challenged By Legal Insurrection Foundation:

We have received multiple tips about problems with equity racism in PPSD, including an “Educators of Color Meet Up” organized by PPSD at an outside venue that was promoted as being for non-white educators, who were the only people invited, and the event registration form had only non-white races and ethnicities listed.


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School district forced to pay over 100K in legal fees after banning moms from exposing pornographic materials

A school district was forced to pay over $100,000 in legal fees after banning moms from exposing pornographic material at school board meetings.

Forsyth County School District [FSC] agreed to pay attorney’s fees in a federal lawsuit brought by a group of parents who were censored at school board meetings.

The group, called the Mama Bears, claimed in the federal lawsuit that their First Amendment rights were violated and won the case due to the legal representation of the Institute for Free Speech.


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Florida teacher on leave after accusation he had White students bow to Black students in his classroom

A Florida teacher who was accused of having White students in his classroom bow to Black students is on leave.

Ethan Hooper, a middle school teacher in Orlando, posted the videos to his personal social media which went viral after being shared by the popular right-wing account Libs of TikTok.

One of the videos Hooper posted showed White students acting like servants to Black students in the class in honor of Black History Month. White students were shown in the video fanning and feeding Black students.

"It was in good fun. There was no political agenda behind it," the teacher said. He said the video was being "maliciously used."


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'This is NOT this child's fault. He is NOT a threat': Mental health advocate launches defense of 6'6" thug, 17, who had to be dragged off unconscious female teaching aide who he knocked out for confiscating his Nintendo Switch

  • Sue Urban, who has a special needs stepson at the school, said the child, 17, of Palm Coast, should have been taken to a mental health facility, not jail
  • 'This is not just a thug,' she told 'People need to be educated on children that have ESE [Exceptional Student Education]'
  • The child severely beat a teaching aide on Tuesday after she took his Nintendo Switch console away. He has been charged with aggravated battery

'These kids are given extra attention in those classes. They are given leeway to have these devices, so when they do lose their tempers or if they do get into that mental space, that they can have those Switches or phones or their comfort devices, [so] that they can calm down.'

However, many do not agree with Urban's position.

Kimberly Rosania told that 'one of the reasons I’m being so vocal is [their identities have] not been released. I care more about whether an innocent woman than I do a predator.'

She also claimed in a Facebook post that the school board 'defended this behavior and this animal.'

'Claiming his disabilities are and should keep him protected, this is insanity! If he was not stable enough to value human life over a $300.00 video game why was he among innocent lives to begin with? Why were those lives less valuable than his education? This a broken system!'

If these ' students ' are this volatile or mentally unstable they should not be out in public spaces they are a threat to the public


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Nearly half of NYC DOE grads at CUNY need remedial classes

Nearly half of all New York City public school graduates who head to local community colleges are forced into remedial classes to survive their first semester, troubling new data obtained by The Post reveal.

Amid chronic absenteeism, widespread grade inflation, and a failure to prepare students for higher education, city school kids are being shoved through an educational revolving door without truly learning, experts told The Post.

“Most of the kids we get from New York City schools are underprepared for college,” said Mohammad Alam, assistant dean of enrollment at Borough of Manhattan Community College.

In Fall 2022 across the City University of New York’s seven community colleges, 5,046 former Department of Education students were enrolled in a remedial math course, while 4,250 had to take remedial English — 47% of all new DOE high school graduates, a CUNY spokesperson said.