Elizabeth Warren Issues Misleading Claim That Three Industries Are Responsible for 70 Percent of Carbon Pollution


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So, which three industries are to blame? The helpful fact-checkers at Politifact looked into this question and found the source of Warren's statistic.

It does not show that three industries are to blame.

Instead, Warren's claim comes from an Environmental Protection Agency's document stating that more than 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions can be traced to three sources. The first is "transportation," which accounts for about 29 percent of emissions. The second is "electricity production," which accounts for about 27 percent.

You may have noticed that these are both activities, not industries. Transportation, in particular, encompasses a variety of different economic sectors, from trucking and freight rail to personal air travel and driving—which is to say, the sort of individual consumer economic decisions that Warren says are a distraction.

You may be thinking: This is just quibbling. But then we come to the third category, which accounts for about 22 percent of emissions. And this is where things get weird. The third category is just…"industry." All of it.



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It is really sad that the front runner for the Dems is a known liar. Nothing new.
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The front runner is only the tip of the iceberg of ignorance and lies,and crazy ideas being fed to a host of voters just as ignorant as themselves.