Emergency vet in southern Maryland


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Does anyone know of a vet who has Sunday hours in the la plata Waldorf area? So far I have found Banfield. I am interested to see if anyone has other recommendations. I have a beagle with a badly torn ear. Thank you


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I used this place several years ago and was happy. It's in Waldorf near the Motor Vehicle's Administration. Here's their website:
I agree also on not using this place. Went there once and staff rude and couldn't do a proper diagnosis. I would use MASH in Calvert or the 24 hour one in Annapolis on Bestgate Road near the mall. The Annapolis one is great, took our Beagle there with a problem, we started to wait and one of the attendants came out looked at him and grabbed in and took him right back.


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Well, where is the best place in the SOMD tri-county area? For emergency care, that is.

sigh..... well i have heard good from both and also heard bad from both places....

the thing is an ER trip WILL BE EXPENSIVE no matter what. Seeing that i have first hand knowlege at the one with Waldorf.... I will see what dr is working and depending on what is the issue is... will determine if I go there.

If i could get in touch with my friend at mash.... I would get her imput....

But if i think my pet would/could make it.... I WOULD GO TO ANNAPOLIS.... but no matter where you go the price will be expensive... its ER...

Just like if we go to the ER..... its more expensive than going to your regular dr. (but we dont see the bills)

If you must take your pet to the ER.....

If your pet is Vomiting and has diarrhea - FULL BLOODWORK IS A MUST, maybe an Xray to rule out a FB.

if your pet is coughing or having a hard time breathing - XRAYS ARE A MUST AND MAYBE EVEN BLOOWORK WOULD BE A MUST.

If your pet is not eating or drinking (no vomiting or diarrhea) - FULL BLOODWORK IS A MUST

if your pet is having a hard time walking or unable to walk - Xrays and a blood test to check for Tick borne diseases.

If your pet is not able to walk and has decreased CP deficits...... YOU MUST GO TO A SURGEON ASAP

Lacerations, wound repairs - IF THEY NEED TO SEDATE THE DOG... Blood work is a must to see if the liver and kidney values can handle the anesthesia and also it will allow the vet to give certain medications. But this could turn to a more in depth issue depending on the severity of the wound or laceration.


most of these issues may even need to hospitalized after diagnostics are done.

Blocked male cats.... BLOODWORK AND HOSPITIAZITON!!!!