Eminem: Weird Al can't do parody video



NEW YORK (AP) -- Eminem may poke fun at himself in videos, but he doesn't want "Weird Al" Yankovic doing it.

Eminem won't give Yankovic permission to shoot a video for his new song, "Couch Potato," a parody of Eminem's Oscar-winning tune "Lose Yourself," Yankovic said.

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Princess of Mean
And a Nation Mourns

Just when we were crying out for a new Weird Al parody :bawl:

Sounds like a little white rapper takes himself a little too seriously.

Sorry to go :offtopic: but what's up with old Weird Al? I shamefully admit to enjoying his music in the 80s (NEVER purchased a tape, my one saving grace in that respect) Is he a little on the Ghey side? Not that it matters, but we all know how Marshall feels about them. Maybe that's the secret reason behind his refusal.


Football season!
Funny how he talks about and portrays other singers in HIS songs and videos, yet doesn't want any association with weird al's video. What a tool.


Be about it
I don't care what ya'll say, Eminem is awesome :cheers:.

I never liked Weird Al anyway, and am not amused by his dorky parodies. So, no big deal!