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'Green Fraud' author: Goal of UN climate change report is to 'scare everyone'

Marc Morano slams 'political lobbying arm' pretending to be science panel

"Green Fraud" author Marc Morano joined "Fox & Friends" Tuesday to discuss the UN's new report sounding the alarm on climate change and calling it a "code red for humanity."

MARC MORANO: This is what the U.N. does every three to five years and it’s essentially—you don’t have to trust the science. They’re asking you to trust institutions and this is a political lobbying arm of the United Nations that pretends to be a science panel. They were started in 1988. Their goal is to scare everyone to convince you into "climate action." Al Gore has said these reports are "torqued up." How else do you get the attention of policymakers? One of the lead authors on this report actually says he hopes it impacts the way people vote.