Epstein’s tweetstorm about Hillary Clinton and Google is SO DAMNING


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I was wondering why Epstein would tweet about this from his hiding place in the witness protection program. But I guess its a different Epstein.


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Another thoughtful fact filled post from you. What a surprise!
You mean like calling no one in particular a lair (I think you meant liar, but you are that stupid), and posting a tweet.
Your opinion of the facts surrounding the Op's post is as usual nuanced and intelligent.
"opinion of facts", how moronic does that sound, and he wasn't responding to the OP you fool.
You haven't mastered the smilies yet, have you ignoramus?:sarcasm::lol:
Do you ever contribute anything of value?
Next time order something from the Value Menu, they have one where your Mom works.:razz:
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You do realize that for the Dems to come out fighting and disputing the whole thing - with numbers - they are destroying their own narrative that a handful of Russian hackers were able to specifically change the minds of the very voters that gave Trump Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin (and almost Minnesota and New Hampshire). Remember, a handful of Russians turned the election, but Google searches and deliberate bias in the most widely used search engine in the world did nothing.