Ethenol-Free Gas?


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Really!!? I'm calling and I'll report back!
Annnnnd they do NOT. He did say that he wishes they would change the website. I told him the other option was dedicating a tank and pump to non-ethenol fuel. He giggled a little. Oh well, onward with my search.


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Well this is something (ethanol free fuel) that I've recently become interested in myself. If I run across a place that actually has it on hand I'll post the information.


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Just called Coles Point Plantation Marina to check on availability of non-ethanol...since I was told by someone on the phone last year that they'd put ethanol gas in their fuel dock (info that stunned me, frankly). Gal on the phone was quite surprised at the question...said they'd always had non-ethanol. So...making a trip over this weekend to fuel up the cruiser and swing by Coles Point Tavern for an awesome lunch. If docking space is available...