European Hornets


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Had two of those big suckers bouncing against the slider to my deck this morning while it was still dark out. I had to make the poor dogs stand outside until I was sure I could let them in without those monsters flying in.



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Except the European Hornet isnt on there. I just saw my first couple againsst my slider two nights back. Go to 3:00 for some good idea as to what these are. WE generally ignore them, had a few that got in over the years, and I'll get them with a stick vacuum.


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Yup. Very easy to mix a few of them up. My neighbor and I have a problem with cicada killers right now, ground nests everywhere. They're not bothersome to me, but the neighbor has a couple of small kids that are deathly afraid.
maybe that's what's been buzzing super low to the ground in my yard lately. They're kind of dark, very little yellow. I don't typically stick around on that side to get too close of a look :lol:

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Round here in these parts we call them Horse Hornets. They are attracted to light at night. So porch lights, interior lights they can see through glass, etc. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get stung by one.