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So frustrated right now. My DSL is worthless, down far more often than it's up, and today was especially bad. Verizon can't find anything, want to charge me for a line check/visit. Hell no. I'm just biding my time until my Starlink is delivered, and I can tell them to pound salt.

Because the DSL is so bad, turned off WiFi on my phone, and only use cell service. This afternoon, my email app on the phone suddenly stopped working. It was giving me grief anyway, notifications weren't working, so I deleted it. Went to install a new version, PlayStore not working. Check a few more things, and apparently data service isn't working on the phone, no apps requiring network will work. Turned on WiFi to download a new app, and the DSL won't stay up long enough to complete a download. Best I got was 4%.

Wasn't sure if my phone could send/recieve calls/texts, so I tried calling my cell with the landline (still have it because I can't cancel it without cancelling my DSL). Turns out THAT is borked too. Handsets won't connect to the base, no dial pad on the base, can't make a call. Used the cell to call the home phone, and it rang, so at least the cell can call.

In the few seconds I was able to use the laptop to check, it appears there are Verizon data network issues on the east coast between DC and NY, something about Google Cloud.

The only reason I could bitch here was because I could type it offline, force a connection and hit Post Thread before it dies again.

Gonna call it a day, and hope the cell phone works tomorrow. Might have to take a trip to Panera and use their WiFi.


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I heard there was a huge outage affecting alot of the major carriers..I will try to find it again
It was something to do with Google Cloud, affecting alot of carriers that use the cloud. All clear now but as near as I can tell, it was 11am to around 230pm today.


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Damn @Sneakers, you're worse off than my hillbilly neighbor, Miss Teenie. At least her house phone works when it's clear out and she gets 3 channels when it's cloudy. She ain't got no email. She has to walk out to the box an' get it her own self.