Ex-CIA Director Brennan shouldn't have a security clearance - He's a national security risk


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Former CIA Director John Brennan is a serious national security risk, and President Trump was wise and correct to revoke his security clearance Wednesday.

Brennan has repeatedly shown he cannot be trusted with classified or top-secret information. He has a history of leaking and exploiting confidential material for partisan reasons. Maybe it keeps him on TV, but it also jeopardizes national security.

The primary job of the agency Brennan ran for President Obama is to collect, process, and analyze intelligence information from all over the world. This valuable material is then utilized to protect Americans from harm.

However, Brennan has demonstrated that he is all too willing to use this information to harm Americans, including President Trump. He did so in the 2016 presidential election.

As I explain in Chapter 6 of my new book, “The Russia Hoax,” Brennan politicized and weaponized what was false intelligence to damage the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.