Excellent Documentary


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Yes, the stories are amazing. It really gives a person a ton of respect for those artists. It's sad how young many of them were when they died.


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I've been trying to watch (and remember a lot of the music from the far, distant past when I was young), but do all of you find that the Atlantic Broadband (and Metrocast before them) PBS channels (3, 22, 703, and 722) are always the most troublesome, with frequent freezing, stuttering, or just an empty black screen, of their channels? Anyone know the why?


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I am an early to bed, early to rise type but I have stayed up every night to watch it. I have been a fan of country, bluegrass, rockabilly, and the other genres all of my life but I learn a number of things every episode. I have renewed respect for the hard work and sacrifices they made to bring us their music.