Exports lost to tariffs


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The first round of China tariffs already stifled U.S. exports

President Trump’s trade war with China escalated this week, as China announced tariff increases on over $60 billion worth of goods in retaliation for new U.S. tariffs. But the targeted American industries are already reeling from the trade skirmishes that heated up last summer.

Over a six-month period ending in March, exports from the United States to China dropped by $18.4 billion, or 26 percent, compared to a year earlier. Some of the decline was offset by other markets, with exports increasing to the European Union and Mexico. Imports from China declined as well.
So to get the qualifier out of the way, increased exports to Europe are irrelevant as those increases did not occur as a result of the tariffs.

While, comrade GURPS and his moron crew sheep bleat on about 500 jobs being created, the reality is that our economy has lost much, much more because, and only because, Donald Trump instituted these asinine tariffs.

In additional to $18B of lost sales, American businesses and consumers paid $20B in increased taxes (tariffs). Family farms are declaring bankruptcy. Are Maine lobstermen next in line at bankruptcy court? The average American household doesn't have the money to cover a $400 emergency purchase. Well, that average American family is in a deeper hole is their washing machine craps out as the cost of tariffs has been pushed thru to washing machine prices.

Limiting exports, putting farmers out of business and increasing the cost of goods to consumers isn't exactly a recipe for Making America Great Again! (Unless of course you are member of the religious cult and are just to damned stupid to understand.)


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Still waiting for a constructive proposal.

WRT the OP, if patience is a virtue, then I suspect soon we'll find out we've all been sainted.

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