Extreme Wildfires Caused By Extreme Stupidity, not Global Warming


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“The longer we wait, the more our communities will suffer under bigger wildfires...,” wrote Lou Leonard of the World Wildlife Fund on December 4.

This is totally wrong, but then World Wildlife Fund got their recent claims of animal populations wrong as well.

Rising temperatures and increasing CO2 both act to increase soil moisture and so reduce the potential of fires. When temperatures rise, evaporation increases, causing more precipitation which increases soil moisture and so lessens fire risk. As CO2 rises, stomata, the pores in plant’s leaves, are open for shorter lengths of time. Plants therefore lose less water to the air and so more of it stays in the soil, again reducing fire potential.

Due to these factors, as well as the fact that we now put out fires that would have burned for weeks in centuries past, there has been a significant reduction in forest fires over the past 100 years. In fact, analysis of sediment cores off the Pacific coast of Canada reveals that the incidence of wildfires has reduced since Europeans settled in North America.



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LMFAO...rebutting one propaganda source with other propaganda sources. Smooth move, sugar lips.


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Nope...your propaganda sources got it wrong...AGAIN!!
How come everything you post is a blatant lie? Are you just devoid of what TRUTH is?
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