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did you ever picture what other posters looked like? Yeah, I know, we shouldn't post pictures because of hackers and typical safety concerns.
anyway, I started out as a typical kid, blue collar working hometown. Our excitement was the seben elleben and the Shell gas station.

1969-1972, crazy times: rejecting my family and anytown boredom, I hitch hiked to San Francisco into a Haight-Ashbury community to live with hippies and expand my mind with Hershey's chocolate bars. (see picture #1)

Learning a trio of guitar chords, I did tour with several bands and later discovered that lifestyle wasn't for me. Plus my face broke out.
Well folks, time fly's by. Living in Armadillo Falls Utah, a guy introduced me to "Chief", a real Navahoe who drove a dilapidated Good Humor truck. He transformed me through aggressive de-programming from my "City" life to his vision of "normalcy" .

Well, let the hackers have at it man. Here's my new SoMd Forums icon.


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Damned glad to meet you
That "gettyimages" t-shirt is pretty rad man! But for God's sake, trim your nose hair dude.