"Far right"


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As far as I can tell, this phrase means anyone even a smidgen to the right of AOC. Also anyone who actually works for the American People instead of Ukraine. Also anyone who voted for and supports Trump. And anyone who is against butchering and drugging young children to change their sex.

The Freedom Caucus is being labeled as "far right" by pretty much everyone in the corporate news media, from NYT to Fox to Town Hall to WashPo. "Far right Congressman Matt Gaetz...." And they say this without explaining *why* they consider him "far right". So I can only presume that it's the above because those are the qualities that get mentioned. Our "betters" really REALLY hate it when anyone takes up for us instead of grifting and money grubbing.

Kevin McCarthy is a con man and another California liberal. He believes nothing he isn't paid to believe. No principles, no integrity, and he certainly doesn't give a flying sh*t about his so-called constituents. I'm not sure how he even got tapped for leadership positions because he doesn't now nor has he ever embraced Republican values. Or what the Republican Party says are their values, because I don't see any of these lifers doing jack squat for the American People.


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As far as I can tell, this phrase means anyone even a smidgen to the right .....

Seriously, do they ever refer to anyone who is an actual conservative as ANYTHING but "far right"?
(They HAVE TO INCLUDE "far" - this is their way of saying, yeah, RIGHT is ok, but far right is just looney).
Depending on the situation, we've had such RINOs as Romney, McCain and - believe it or not - Lynne Cheney - as "far right",

They're all "far right" to them. Even when they roll to the left, they're never accepted.

On another note - the word "extremist" is always applied to the right. No matter how crazy the defund the police gets - or if anyone recalls the lunacy of Occupy Wall Street - the left is never treated as "extreme".

Turn on the TV, watch a movie - even IF the villain leans or supports a leftist agenda - they won't be called extreme - and might even be called right wing.


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