farrier recommendations?


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I'm new to Indian Head and really need a farrier. I have googled and searched around but cant find any reviews on some names and wanted to know if anyone has used them. Have two TB mares and just need them trimmed they go barefoot.

I heard a lot of good things about Tina Entzian but she is not accepting new clients, anyone heard of Bo Busler, Buddy Holmes, Keith Bagley, Tim Gray. Any others I should look into?
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Bo isnt doing farrier work anymore...at least he wasnt when I talked to him about a month ago.
Not sure if Keith Bagley is taking new clients or not.
Tim Gray I believe is taking new clients - or is it Tim Hamilton??? I am thinking of???
Never heard of Buddy Holmes.


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I have been using Dick Teachout, but he is semi-retiring starting this month, so I am sure he is not accepting new clients.

He has "switched" me to a lady named Pam, and she will be taking over my horses this month. My horses are barefoot, I am not sure if she does shoes or not, or even if she is accepting new clients beyond what Dick is sending to her... I have met her several times as she has been traveling with Dick to meet his clients.

I am located in Nanjemoy, so Indian Head isn't that far away. If you want to PM me your contact info and email, I can forward it to Pam, or I can just give you her info via PM.