Fat Cat


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Appy, I hope you didn't throw out your back lifting THAT kitty! What a BEAST! How in the WORLD did they grow him so big??? Looks like some sick genetic testing lab experiment... ("I wonder what would happen if we crossed a kitty with a hippo???")

I'd sure hate to clean out HIS litterbox...


Hairball Magnet
The good news is...he's probably too heavy to launch himself up on your table or kitchen counters! And you wouldn't have to worry about him sneaking up on you...the floors would creak and give him away!

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I had to charge them a "little" extra then the normal quote for a cat bath and nails....
Off topic a bit (so what's new?) ... but I need to clip a couple of nails on one of my cats. She keeps getting them caught in the scratching post or any other fabric (including my shirts when kneading).

I've only trimmed dog nails, so I have some questions: How much can I/should I take off? Should I just do the couple that are catching, or trim them all?