Fat Cat


Loyalty, Friendship, Love
You should see the kitten we rescued this summer. He is about 8-10 months old, and I'd say he is about 150% the size of our other cat. Definately NOT hurting for winter insulation. Mackenzie, our original cat, was queen of the house, she ruled over the dog and everyone. Not anymore. She TRIED and TRIED to remain dominant over Remington (the kitten), but he has overthrown her in a coup d' tat. He has even become dominant over the dog. Noticed on Saturday night that the dog got up to go outside and when he came back in (after MAYBE 30 seconds outside, just enough time to pee), Remington had already curled up in Hunter's bed and he wouldn't get back in it and lay down because of the cat. Wife picked up Remington and Hunter DOVE into his bed and layed down.

This thread reminds me, gotta change the litter box when I get home. :dead:
Trying to settle the question on how old our cat is... Huntr keeps saying that he remembers having a kitten in 2007. He makes a good argument and we certainly have had a number of strays around over the years, but I remembered having this particular kitten when teenage daughter was a toddler. Seeing as this post is from 2005, I win the argument, but my 12 year old kitten is about to triumph over a spider he is chasing/playing with, so... yeah, I win there too.