Father of Parkland shooting victim: 'Guns didn’t kill my daughter, Democratic policies did'


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Pollack argued that new gun control laws are an ineffective solution to the school shooting epidemic, in part because current laws are not being enforced. For example, the Parkland shooter had a violent record, but he was not arrested and therefore able to obtain a weapon legally.

"To me, gun control would’ve been if they arrested him for punching his mother’s teeth out and he got a background,” explained Pollack. "Democrats put these policies in place that don't believe in holding kids accountable or arresting them while they're juveniles...so if they don't arrest them and they don't get a background, then they're able to purchase weapons legally and a background check is useless," he said.



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The man has a good point.
Juvenile records that cannot be obtained in background reports do not stop these criminal kids from getting guns.


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There goes good ole comrade GURPS not politicizing an issue again!!
Do you have a point on the issues raised in the opening post, or are you just here to troll?

The idea seems to be a valid one - background checks done are meaningless if someone's background does not represent who they are because of policies/practices that try to protect people from having a bad background.

Do you have an opinion on that?


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except those are not democrat policies, they are pretty universal. Conservative parents are just as bad about wanting to get their kids out of trouble as left leaners are.