Favorite appetizers for parties


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I typically do meatballs in a crockpot with a sweet and sour sauce. I've done the sauce using bbq sauce mixed with grape jelly and that turns out pretty well. For this years party I'm thinking I'll actually make the meatballs myself instead of using frozen.

I saw a recipe earlier today for 'loaded cheese balls' made with a combo of cream cheese and shredded cheddar, then rolled in a combo of finely diced cooked bacon, pecans, and scallions. Finally, you insert a small pretzel stick into each little cheese ball and serve on a platter.

What are your favorite recipes?


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Now that I have the Instant Pot I make deviled eggs for everything and they always get gone first.

My favorite thing that other people are industrious enough to make is mini pigs in a blanket. When Bann makes them she does extra because she knows I'm going to try and hog them all.

I'm a fan of simple apps.


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I make this amazing Cheesy Olive loaf...basically a big open faced french bread cut into strips, covered in baked cheese and olives. I've had people tell me they usually don't like olives but love this :biggrin:

I also love the little mini sandwiches: ham and cheese sliders, french dip, buffalo chicken, sweet and sour chicken, etc. baked brie, jalepeno poppers, wings, quiches, etc. I like snacky foods :blushing:
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I think of you often and hope you are well this holiday season. FWIW, Richard was my motivation to get my recent discomfort checked out. I now wish we had spent more time together.
:huggy: Awww, thank you Monello. I wish we all could have gotten back out on the boat and caught some big ones. But I'm hanging onto the boat for at least a year - not trying to make too many big decisions or changes for at least a year. If you guys are back this way in the Summer, maybe we can try to get out on it.

I'm really glad you didn't ignore what you felt. I hope that they have got you all fixed up now. Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and tons of blessings in the new year!