Female Student Changes Mind About Consensual Hookup


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Notably, James' lawyer argued that Becky's statement, which he categorized as more damaging to her than his client, did not so much as even allege any misconduct.

"[Becky's] account of the incident as set forth in the summary of her investigative interviews does not, on its face, allege any 'act of Prohibited Conduct,'" the attorney wrote in a letter to UC-Davis' Title IX coordinator Wendi Delmendo. "Even if everything [Becky] alleges is true, my client clearly did nothing wrong and did not engage in Prohibited Conduct."

But that didn't matter.

In accordance with Obama-era guidance, the investigation lasted until May 1, 2018, when James was finally found innocent, after his family had paid some $12,000 in legal defense fees and his life had been tuned upside down.

Male Student Shells Out $12,000 In Legal Defense After Female Student Changes Mind About Consensual Hookup
He should be allowed to recoup his losses by suing her for misrepresentation for withdrawing her consent after the fact.