Feminists MOCK Lonely Men Then COMPLAIN They Cant Get Married, LIVID At Call To End No Fault Divorce


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The Rise of Lonely, Single Men

Skills Deficits. For men, this means a relationship skills gap that, if not addressed, will likely lead to fewer dating opportunities, less patience for poor communication skills, and longer periods of being single. The problem for men is that emotional connection is the lifeblood of healthy, long-term love. Emotional connection requires all the skills that families are still not consistently teaching their young boys.

While there’s probably no chance of stemming the rising tide of unintentional single men, there is still good news.

The algorithms are becoming increasingly more complex on dating apps and other online platforms. One benefit is that great matches are on the rise. Hinge, one dating app, found through beta trials that 90% of users rated their first date positively, with 72% indicating wanting a second date.

How can men reap the benefit of the algorithms? Level up your mental health game. That means getting into some individual therapy to address your skills gap. It means valuing your own internal world and respecting your ideas enough to communicate them effectively. It means seeing intimacy, romance, and emotional connection as worthy of your time and effort.

Ultimately, we have an opportunity to revolutionize romantic relationships and establish new healthy norms starting with a first date. It’s likely that some of these romances will be transformative and healing, disrupting generational trauma, and establishing a fresh culture of admiration and validation.


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Woman says why she’s rejecting these ‘lonely, single men’

Now first of all, may we get out our violins and play a sad melody for the men who have treated women like absolute rubbish and then realized that they’re now single and alone. How unfair for these poor creatures.

You see, while they were bed-hopping, ghosting, breadcrumbing and doing all sort of mind f–kery to us women folk, we were quietly, and subtly embracing this ‘self love’ culture that started to emerge in TED Talks, TikTok videos, YouTube channels, and various other online forms.


Gone are the days we laughed off the boys who pushed us in the playground because they secretly had a crush on us. We’re not interested in being teased because you want attention, we expect you to just simply tell us.

And trust me, as someone who was notoriously ‘anxious avoidant’ and would rather dump a man then show any form of vulnerability, I know it can be tough!

But you know what, I did the work. I went to a therapist, I learnt the tools to build my emotional intelligence, and I put them into practice. So, yes, you may be a ‘lonely single man’ but you don’t HAVE to be.