Fetal remains found at home of deceased abortion doctor


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I have said numerous times that there is something inherently sick about abortionists, particularly those who perform late-term abortions. Whoever came up with the procedure for partial-birth abortion....yeah, that was a sick Mengele ****.

While I am not anti-abortion at all and in fact wish ALL sociopaths would choose not to raise children, I do find the Left's obsession with abortion to be ghoulish and a sign of serious mental illness. I mean, they know what genes they'll be passing on better than I do, and them not reproducing can only benefit society as a whole, but the celebrating and what have you over killing babies is pretty gross.


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Medically preserved fetal remains.
This guy had a helluva collection.
Now---IMO--abortions is not a good thing, but to medically preserve his handiwork tells me this guy was a real nutbag.

2,000 killings in just under 2 years he was a busy old bass turd too.