Fight night at the Golden Corral


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They should change their name to the OK Corral.

It's just the usual suspects doing what usual suspects do when things don't go their way. I wonder if there were any domestic terrorists in this gaggle of food fighters.

New on the Golden Corral menu, AYCE steak with a double helping of poor impulse control and a huge glass of entitled mentality to wash it all down.

More than 40 people may have been involved in a brawl at a Golden Corral in Pennsylvania, police say. The fight allegedly broke out after a customer became enraged when the buffet ran out of steak.

Investigators are trying to figure out who started the fight that broke out Friday night at a Golden Corral in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Video of the incident shows punches being thrown and high chairs flying.

Police confirm the brawl may have involved more than 40 people and happened following an argument among some customers.

“There was two parties in line waiting for steak. Somebody had cut in front and then started being picky and finicky about the steaks and taking too long, and then, somebody else spoke up and said something I guess the other party didn’t like. Then, it just looks like it turned into an all-out brawl,” Becker said.

Brawl breaks out at Golden Corral over alleged steak shortage (


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Just yell fire and watch the stampede, they'll kill themselves trying to get out the door.

Your welcome.


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Golden Corral, the official caterer of Spirit Airlines.

Do they give air miles at Golden Corral?


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He's right about not being able to understand what anyone is saying with mask on. Don't even bother trying to have a nice conversation with a cashier.

Me:"How you today?"
Cashier:" "
Me:"Sorry, I can't understand you."
Cashier:" "
Me:"I give up."

I feel bad for them, though. Also, no one seems happy anymore.
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