Fighting Sexism’ Is A Preposterous Cover For Serena Williams’ Entitled Tantrum


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Serena Williams recently had a well-publicized meltdown at the women’s U.S. Open. She cheated, screamed at an umpire, and cost herself a game. Many people came down on her for her sportsmanship, but it didn’t bother me a bit. Sports, like books and movies, are just better with villains. There is a human need to root against something.

If Serena wants to turn a tennis match into WrestleMania, more power to her. The real issue came when Serena went to the podium after losing the match and proclaimed her Tasmanian devil meltdown was her “fighting for women’s rights.” She wasn’t fighting for anything except her right to be a jerk.

Serena has a loving husband and newborn baby. Although she grew up in notoriously rough Compton, California, she rose to the highest levels of athletic achievement and is now worth $180 million. She is the wealthiest female athlete in the history of the world. Her face is on billboards and television commercials.

Most working women cannot afford to take a single day off work in their 24th week of pregnancy. When Serena was in her 24th week of pregnancy, she posed for professional pictures on a yacht. When you crave Italian food, you splurge for Olive Garden. When Serena craves Italian food, her husband throws her on a private jet and flies her to Italy.

Serena Williams is a victim of nothing. She is an American success story. She is, or at least she could be, a bright, shining example of what hard work and perseverance can do. But she’s chosen the path of whiny gender-grifting.


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Just another reason for us not idolize sports figures the way we do. They are entertainers, nothing more. To put someone on a pedestal just because they can run fast or throw a ball into a hoop, just fuels their egos and makes them think they are special. Find a cure for cancer and then you will be worth the millions of dollars you earn...