firestick or roku or ???


We have been using fire sticks on all our tv's, for just over a year. Have no complaints, but have never used Roku so cannot compare.


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If you want a fire stick they are usually only $25 on black Friday and cyber Monday. That is how I got mine.


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One more thing I like about the Roku vs the Fire Stick, sometimes Google Play is the cheapest for a particular movie rental.

You can get Google Play for the Roku but not the Fire Stick, amazon is trying to sell their content.

I usually check the various sources and rent from the cheapest source.


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I can't comment on the Fire Stick but I really like the Roku Ultra we bought. I have three Roku models now, and the higher end one is definitely worth the extra money, with the remote which includes the earphone jack and the TV power and volume buttons. Overall, the Roku is very well implemented, very responsive, and does a great job with YouTube TV plus all its custom channels. Also, Apple just released an AppleTV app for Roku, meaning you have access to Apple-specific content without paying for an AppleTV.

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What GoldenHawk said. I have a Roku appliance on one TV and the Roku is built into the new one. Love it!


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My wife got a factory refurbed Roku at Ollie's a couple years ago, put that on the upstairs TV.
She got a Firestick last fall, that's on the main TV. Both seem to work fine for what we want.