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Writers Note: pardon my bad spelling. I've got issues I need to deal with, involving my fear of dictonaries and spell check.

Ever since the thought of First Colony first appeared in the local papers, I was actually rather happy to see more chances for the growing comercial businesses to suck up my hard earned money. The first thing I noticed was the Chiq-Fa-La, but after I got past that, I noticed the Firendlys. I had enjoyed the food and hospality of the Friendlys on 301 (near Upper Marlboro, I believe, it's been a while since I've been up that way). Well, me, my fiance, and our 2 god-kids decided to give the new First Colony Friendly's a go, one night. Well, we where seated, and the first thing I notcied was the place wasn't as packed as it seemed from the outside. We sat in a booth (as asked, I've got issue problems with gravity too) and ordered our drinks. They showed up pretty quickly, but after ordering our food, we waited for about 30 minutes before I noticed a couple that had come in 5 minutes after us had their food. Well, finally, after waiting for about 45 minutes, our food showed up. Nothing to write home about, but we ate, the girls had their ice cream, and we left. We noted the bad service and long wait for food, and notched it off as "newbie" service.

Well, come Memorial Day 2002, almost a year after the last visit. We shrugged off the first experience and found ourselves at breakfast time. This time the place wasn't as nearly packed as last time, maybe like 10 tables, maybe 15 tops. We were seated in about 5 minutes, then it took about 10 minutes for our drink order to be taken. Afterwards, another 10 for the drinks to show up, then a nearly unbearable 45 minute wait for the food. I understand resturants have problems serving customers during "peak" and 'rush" times, but we were there at about 9:30 in the morning, and the place wasn't busy, but we overheared customers comming in after us that there would be a 20 minute wait for the food. Were was our warning? Well, our food came, and again, nothing to write home about, but we decided that we'll come back to Friendly's, but only for the takeoutish ice cream, cause ya cant really screw that up, can you?
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I have not visited that particular restaurant because I have heard from day one that the service was terrible. My only other experience with Friendly's was the one in Prince Frederick. We stood in lane with about 8 other people who came in after us while the staff just looked at us like we were UFO's or something. The place had maybe 3-5 tables seated, so they were not busy by any means. We ended up walking out, along with some of the other people. I don't think we will ever bother again.


I hate going to Friendly's! I used to love going there wihle I had some friends working there when it first opened... but after that point... it all went down hill from there. The food either comes out cold, or not put together well at all. Hardly ever you get a refill... and the people that they have working in there have the personality of a rock. And I agree, they really do not need to be sitting at a table nearby talking about how much they hate their job.... or about their sexual problems.... esp. with kids nearby. And to top it all off..... 3/4 of the time.... half of my ice cream is always melted by the time I get it! Believe me.... I don't go there anymore!


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Friendly's PUH!

I have to say that I completely agree. I had a horrible experience at that place and I will NEVER go back. Pretty much the same story as everyone elses. Waited in line for 20 odd minutes, finally got a table (dirty) and waited another 15 minutes for the waitress to come around. All we ordered was drinks and ice cream, and no lie, we sat there for an hour, I never got my drink and everyone's ice cream was melted. :mad: One girls was melted to the point that the ice cream was coming over the side of the dish. And, of course, received much attitude from the waitress when she asked to take the dessert off of the bill. Needless to say the waitress got no tip and the manager got an earful. :boo:


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When I get horrendously bad service in a restaurant (like in the old Hunan Delight about four years ago), I leave a nickel as my tip. I believe this says more about the service than no tip at all. Some waiters/waitresses may assume that a non-tipping patron simply lacks manners. The nickel means I gave the proper tip amount some thought, and this was my valuation of the service.

For the incident I mentioned above, my idea of a tip would have been the meal for free, plus $10 FROM the waitress. She messed up our appetizer order twice, so we cancelled the rest of our order, paid and ate dinner at home. I believe this place has since changed management, but I don't know if the service has improved.


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"Here to go?"
"Here please."

Long pause...
"Here to go?"
(firmly...) "Here Please."

"Here to go?"

And thus began a remarkable restaurant experience at the KFC in Prince Frederick.
It included a misfilled order...a manager who could care less that there were four bones in my "fillet" and confusion over the simplest math.

Why would someone front $200,000 for a franchise then hire the basest of morons?


Fear Not Fuzzy! We've all been there and done that! Friendly's suck's! We wait and wait and wait! New management please.....:frown:


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Originally posted by Hessian
Hessian, you sound like my Dad. We were at Taco Hell and the counter girl informed us that her cash register was broken and we'd have to give her exact change. My Dad's like, "What does the cash register have to do with anything?" And she says, "Because the thing that tells me how much change you should get back doesn't work." My Dad started going off.


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Nothing like digging up a year-old thread about a business that doesn't exist any longer!:biggrin:


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Originally posted by SmallTown
So how is the replacement for Friendly's doing?

Bob Evans was ok the 1 time I got up the nerve to go back in there since the bad experiences of Friendlys. I would recommend IHOP or Linda's before Bob Evans!!


Originally posted by LPMEDIC
Bob Evans was ok the 1 time I got up the nerve to go back in there since the bad experiences of Friendlys. I would recommend IHOP or Linda's before Bob Evans!!
I second that!

I've tried both the Bob Evans in Prince Frederick and the one in St. Mary's and have not been impressed.

I used to like going to them many years ago when I lived in Ohio, and I can't figure out if they've gotten a lot worse in the last 15 years or if my tastes have just become more sophisticated. :biggrin: