First eagle hatch of the year


God bless the USA
So great! What I don't understand (my hub has been following the nest in FL) is that people are making ridiculous remarks like ... is that a duck...I want to shoot it...I would love to be a snake and eat it for dinner, etc. What is wrong with people? I don't consider them my fellow Americans. Go, eagles! Not to mention that Obama signed an EO that wind farms would not be fined if eagles were killed. Sad, really. God bless the eagles, and America.
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Raisin cane

Hope Fledged, guess when Peace is ready they'll release her in the area of nest.

Thanks for the update, I haven't looked in for awhile.

On another note, over this past weekend, I noticed two Osprey nests now have occupants! I assume it is the males that have shown up first to get the nests in order. One in a nest just over the 231 Bridge on the Charles County side, the other was in a nest on Rte. 6 in Port Tobacco.


Man, I'm still here !!!
pretty sure eaglet at hole 14 on base has fledged. No one there yesterday, we'll see today. Have to check other trees in area for it today.