FL GA Line


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Good luck! :buddies:

That show sold out within a couple hours! Those FLGA Line boys are :drool: :hot:

I was looking for tickets to that show for awhile too. But then I heard about Sunday in the Country Sept 29 and I was able to find lawn tickets for that. Figured for the price people were trying to overcharge me for just the FLGA Line/Gary Allan concert, for a couple extra bucks I could see several more performers I've always wanted to see and make a whole day of partying and country music :yahoo:

Have your friend try Craigslist! But you gotta be on top of it, checking several times a day bc any that pop up are sold within hours.


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I have 3 tickets that I sadly cannot use. PM if interested. A family obligation came up. I love FGL, but Gary Allen was my go to when I purchased the tickets.