Flying squirrels


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Sometimes it's the little things that make me happy. As a gardener and active feeder of many wild critters, I was excited to recently see the flying squirrels back. I smear Bark butter from WBU on the poplar tree and the largest one comes within a couple feet of me. I haven't counted how many there are but traditionally there are about five of them. They are nocturnal so many people don't realize they are around.
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They're great little creatures. I hand feed with peanuts, peanut butter and walnuts. They nibble my fingers if there's nothing left. I've learned to make their squeak noises and coax them to come see me right after dusk. I built a 3 level squirrel box and a bunch live inside way up the tree.


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I don't think I've seen him in a LONG time either.


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One fell down our chimney growing up. Called a neighbor who worked for DNR to come and get it out of our fireplace. Cute little thing for sure!


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I've never seen one.
We first saw them in our first home here in CRE. Late at night, our cats were reacting to the birdfeeders on the deck outside our bedroom. The flying squirrels were treating themselves to the suet.
In the home that we have been in for almost 10 years, I noticed them at dusk and started feeding them. They are cute with big eyes and are pretty small compared to other squirrels. My husband, a pilot, loves that they are aerodynamic!
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We have a whole herd of grey squirrels that we feed...quite a few of those will come right up and take a peanut out of our hand. I'm amazed how far ours can "fly" from limb to limb but I've yet to see an actual flying squirrel on the island.


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Flyng Squirrels ..... its funny what some minor league baseball teams are named

Exploding Whales
Disco Turkeys
Florence Y'alls
Rumble Ponies....

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With the flying squirrel weighing in at 2 to 4 ounces one would need to get a bushel of them for a meal. Stick to the regular tree rats, that way a 1/2 dozen or so can feed you.


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Just got to thinking ... head hurts now ... those flying squirrels don't really fly, they only glide. So why are they called flying squirrels and not gilding squirrels?