Food Digger Scams


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‘I might as well just have a meal while I’m in the building’: Women warn restaurants are luring them in via dating apps

It’s a phenomenon known as “food digging” and it preys upon a universal, basic human emotion as its primary impetus in getting people to go out and visit their place of business: the pursuit of love and romance.

In her viral TikTok that’s accrued over 621,000 views on the popular social media platform, Nosy points out several instances where folks discovered that they were hoodwinked by a dating profile pretending to be a real person who was interested in meeting up with them for a date.

However, the date requests almost always shared a common theme: the potential love interest in question wanted to dine at a particular spot, which the other, real person on the other end of their conversation would agree to and show up for.

Nosy begins her video by stating, “Y’all, not the restaurants out here scamming.”

She then cuts to a clip of another TikTok user discussing the time she met a guy on a dating app who asked to take her out on a date at a “specific restaurant,” which he re-confirmed on the day that they would be meeting there.

India is KNOWN for sketchy crap ... I'm not surprised