for the ASAHI crowd, a fresh cup of...

John Z

if you will
Hey, I've got a sushi shirt that looks like that. Truly tacky, but when I saw it, I had to have it! :biggrin:


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Speaking of Asahi

I would do some crazy shiznit for some of their fried rice. :yum: Wish I knew how I could make it myself and have it turn out like theirs. Anyone on here work over there? I'm sure the ingredients are a big secret with them so it would be useless to ask. There's gotta be way to get it though because if they can get our stuff from Los Alamos, by God I should be able to get their flide lise recipe. Wait, that was the Chinese wasn't it? Hmmmm, wonder how their rice is. :confused:


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Re: Re: Speaking of Asahi

Originally posted by kwillia
:yay: I totally agree... I always have the urge to lick the plate clean... :yum:
Might as well, I do. I get the strangest looks :lol:. I get the same exact look when I drink straight out of the soup bowl with the one biga$$ mushroom in it :rolleyes:


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Oh I want one of those. Wonder if I took it up there if they would fill it up with plum wine for me?!


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Is This A Preparation Or The End Result?

Just wondering about ASASHI - trying to find a place that serves Gruel - good for the stomach I here -