FORGOTTEN Grocery Stores from the past - Life in America


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We had Hinky Dinky when I was a kid. Not to be confused with Piggly Wiggly, which is what they had in the south.


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We had an Acme near where I was growing up on MD202. I think it’s closed either in the late 60s to about 1970. After that my mother used to go to the Pantry Pride which I think might have been bought and become a Safeway.

Countless times we went there, Acme, and never once did I see one of those awesome rocket packs that Wiley coyote had.


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One missed here is Cub Foods, we shopped the one a little north of us in Beloit WI when we lived in the village of Rockton, IL.
It was the last Wisconsin store and closed in 2012.

The 3 biggest in my home town were A&P, First National (later known as Finast) and Stop & Shop. Only S&S still exists under the Dalhazie (sic) Group as a sister company to Giant.


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Growing up in NJ, it was Grand Union, A & P and Shop Rite. Shop Rite is still there and open in its' original location.


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That looks like me shopping!

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South Cumberland had A&P and Acme within a mile of each other. Most of the others I remember were Mom and Pop places.


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I remember Alpha Beta in California.
That's where this was, just a little ways north of San Fransisco. We also had a Safeway and a Petrini's, though no one I knew was fancy enough to shop in Petrini's. It was literally a grocery store that caters to the wealthy and their butcher cost 10x what the normal grocery stores cost.