Former Student Accused of Recording Videos of Men Defecated in Bathrooms at St. Mary’s College & Pos


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Timothy Alexander Bingley, 20, of West River, Maryland, in Anne Arundel County, is accused of recording multiple men while they defecated in various bathroom stalls at St. Mary’s College, in St. Mary’s City. The recording were said to have taken place between December 2017 and May 2018.


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Well, hell...maybe he should be shown compassion just like LGBiTQ people. They’re similarly affected. Add a new definition like “F” for fecal...


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Have we mispronounced Anthony Weiner's name this whole time?

Is Ted's law firm, Weiner, Weiner, & Weiner, all pronounced differently?
Louis Goldstein is the only Goldstein I knew who pronounced his surname the way that he did. Every other Goldstein I know uses “Goldsteen”. Both pronunciations are acceptable, or so I’ve been told.


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Well, that proves it. My uncle was at the college reworking a rasper grommet and he said that guy from the old Parker Lewis TV show interviewed him for an hour while he did a number 2 in the bathroom of the science building. He said that guy told him it was for a school project. When my uncle asked for his autograph that guy just wrote the letters "mwah" on his knee and disappeared out of the bathroom while my uncle was wiping himself. He said the guy was nice but weird and kept asking him to describe how he was feeling and to say different words in a certain way and to make faces like he was hurting inside. My uncle got suspicious when he got home and looked up the Parker Lewis guy's real initials and saw they was "jcn." When he sees this he will wash his knee for sure.