Former US fighter pilot accused of giving military secrets to China


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A former US Marine fighter pilot and current Australian citizen is facing extradition to America, accused of sharing military secrets with China.

Who is the real Daniel Duggan? It’s a simple question, but the answer is highly contested and has enormous consequences. For his family and a large group of supporters, he’s a hero. A former US Marine fighter pilot turned proud Australian citizen; a loving husband and devoted dad. For others though, namely the United States government, he’s a traitor, accused of supplying China with top-secret military information. For the past 19 months, Duggan has been sitting in Australian prisons fighting attempts to send him back to the United States. As Dimity Clancey reports, a decision about his extradition is expected within weeks, but if the Americans get a hold of him and can prove the allegations, he faces up to 65 more years locked up. It’s a thought his wife Saffrine and six children are struggling to comprehend.