Founder of Pro-Trump Dating Site is Ready to Sue Liberal Trolls


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We’ve got Christian online dating sites, so why not Republican or conservative online dating sites? Agreement on personal values should be one of the main priorities in finding a mate, so it kind of makes sense to segregate them based on values. One founder of such a site named “Righter” is determined to keep her Pro-Trump dating site free of those pesky liberal trolls determined to ruin everything.

Righter, which launches later this month, is meant as an amorous safe space, but only for those who back the president. If you’re a liberal, Righter might actually sue you if you try to join.

“I have a very nice legal team that will be handling that,” Lawton said. “This is zero tolerance.”

Before you say it, don’t. There’s no right to be on a dating site. Even if all dating sites are, by and large, awful places. Truly awful. Righter has the right (tee hee) to kick off people who don’t follow the rules. In this case, being a Hillary Shill, a Bernie Bro, or Ocasio-Cortez Squad Sister. Like this douche-nugget:


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There's no way the guy in that Righter ad is a Trump supporter. Or heterosexual.


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Just saw this lady on FOX. A question was asked, and it makes a lot of sense.

WHY would you go on or join a site for Trump supporters who want to date - if you never ever have
any intention of dating one of them?

You know, I can think of a LOT of reasons why people might go to a venue where they don't
fit the normal clientele. I knew women who would go to gay bar - for men - because they wanted
to dance with men and not worry about being hit on. I used to go to a biker bar because they
were cool with me being there - and there was actually very little chance of there EVER being
any real danger there.

There's only one reason to go to a place where you're an antagonist of everything they stand for -
and that's to antagonize. And no one has the legal right to do that.