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Cowgirl Up
happyappygirl said:
MGH RC made me feel so silly when i told him your story about the shanks for that bit you had on Eastwood ended up over his nose. He said "Honey" the shanks just flipped up and over the top of his nose when he tossed his head up and down, he didn't spin the bit around" then he just shook his head and walked away from me laughing....:lol: figures he'd see it as simple logic and i saw it as an awesome trick of Eastwoood's tongue....i like my version better.

Yes RC is right. But it still was a awesome trick when you are talking about 7 inch shanks with a chain connecting them together at the bottom, being turned upside down and the chain across his nose like a noseband. Eastwood does know how to turn his bit upside down by giving a good toss of his head. The 1st time he did that with me, was one of the 1st times I rode him. We went on a trail ride at Gettysburg. Plumloco decides he is going to take off running and I wanted to stay back and ride with some friends when all of the sudden Eastwood exits stage left right across a field. I could not figure out why I could not stop him and after about 200 ft at full speed and a one rein stop I was able to gain control. I never forget this rider that came up to me and know your not suppose to ride in the field :smack: :doh: next time I'll tell him that before he runs off with me. So I learned to watch for the signs....But I would of never dreamed he could make it happen with a bit that has chains holding the shanks together.