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It's amazing how many people will turn down something free because they're leery of a catch.

Like, a couple times a month I'd get a bunch of ice cream treats - Drumsticks, ice cream sandwiches, fudgecicles, etc - and roll around the campground giving them out to guests (this is a very popular event). I'm in a KOA golf cart, wearing my KOA shirt and name tag, clearly official, yelling, "Free ice cream! Courtesy of KOA!" and some people who aren't regulars and don't know me will be like, " thanks...." and kind of avert their eyes. Busy themselves doing something to avoid me. Then when they see other guests coming up to get their treat, some will change their mind and mosey over.

It's similar to how I avoid the face cream guys standing outside mall stores. "Hi, would you like a free sample of..." Me: " 🦆 🏃‍♀️" I don't even look at them because then they'll start their hustle. I just go "No thanks" and keep walking. Sure, it's a free sample but my time is valuable and I don't want to waste it trying to extricate myself from some aggressive higgler.

What made me think about this is the KOA Value Card. It's $30+- to sign up and you get 10% off your camping, plus every stay racks up points worth $10-$50 knocked off a stay. There is no catch whatsoever, and the check-in people always offer it when the 10% off will more than cover the sign-up fee. So say their stay is $1000, KOA card costs $30 and knocks off $100. Basically they get the card for free AND $70 off.

And yet they'll still say no.

I understand saying no to the credit card sign-up - "Get our store card and save 20% today!" Who wants another credit card hanging around? But KOA cards and ice cream sandwiches don't impact your credit or have any drawback whatsoever, and yet people are still leery of them.

Any insights? I find this fascinating.


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Always leery of those things, but I was going on a golf trip and really needed some new duds so I went to Peebles. Picked up 5 or 6 shirts and shorts. Total price was around 250-300..Girl at the cash register told me I could get huge discounts if I signed up for a CC..Thought about it, figured what the hell, I will slice up the card once I get it. Ended up costing me $55. Was sorry to see the Peebles close down in PF, to me that was the only decent clothes store in PF.


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It's like corporate investment plans. If you contribute to a 401-k, many companies will do 100% contribution matching up to a certain value. It's frikin' free money, literally, and I couldn't believe how many would make excuses to not take advantage of it.

Girl at the cash register told me I could get huge discounts if I signed up for a CC.
Did that once at Sears to get a big discount on kitchen appliances. Rarely use it, has a high limit and actually is a negative on my credit rating.


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I try to avoid store discount cards because they sell your data, more telemarketing calls, credit card offers and in this case unsolicited RV advertising (possibly?)

All my store discount cards are for Nick Papagiorgio from Yuma.