Fri Jan 31, 2014


Don't tell me everyone is going to hide from the nasty snow Friday. Let's go somewhere and have dinner.:buddies:


Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
PREMO Member
I think there are some onion rings with your name on them somewhere... :whistle:

Wish I could join you but I will be eating at MOM's Place. Some of the best dam cooking around. Her crab cakes puts Stoneys to shame.
If you are within a decent driving distance maybe I can join up with you after dinner and partake of some of that demon spirit my momma always warned me about. Course she also said something about loose women and I did not heed her warning!!!!


Happy Camper
We're supposed to go to the Legion again for some music and fun. Maybe we can catch you guys next time!


Jam out with ur clam out

maybe... .depends on where.

Might be able to stop and say hello on the way to K9 class :buddies: