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43 soldiers from Denmark made the ultimate sacrifice in support of the US war in Afghanistan...that is a staggering total for such a small country. Denmark’s casualty rate was exceeded only by Canada and Estonia.

Russia interfered in our election. Russia invaded its neighbors. Russia supports the Syrian govt (aka opposes us).

How does our inept, incompetent, unfit President treat these two countries?

Denmark, which is obviously a US ally, he treats like an enemy by referring to its leader as nasty, attacking their commitment to NATO (REALLY???) and cancelling a trip to the country.

Russia, which is obviously NOT a US ally, he pushes for reinstatement to the G7.

Donald Trump, after more than 2.5 years in office, still doesn't know who our friends are and who our enemies are.


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43 soldiers from Denmark made the ultimate sacrifice in support of the US war in Afghanistan...
Interesting post. Where to start in reply?

Let's start here. What should one focus on: the exceptionally low number of the total Danish contribution or the exceptionally high casualty rate?

The former speaks to a low cost (in every regard) commitment to operations in Afghanistan as a governmental PR stunt to "prove" its commitment to NATO solidarity. The latter shows the Danes may have been in over their heads (at least as far as training and combat readiness was concerned): only one of the 43 Danish dead came from Denmark's SOF unit in Afghanistan over an almost ten year period (and it was not from enemy fire), while the other 42 came from what was essentially a battalion-sized rotation over a shorter period of time. The "war crimes" portion of your linked article also points to perhaps the Danes being in over their collective head; that force protection seemingly took a back seat to civilian casualties is, as portrayed, troubling.

The larger issue/problem is that both aspects point to a country that has taken the position that the U.S. is both the sole protector of Europe and the sole funding source of that protection. The Danes (like so many other of our NATO "allies") enjoy the fruits of the U.S. without contributing much at all to European security (despite the region's extraordinary wealth). If you worked this portfolio you would know this to be fact. Whether it's okay is a matter of opinion, but the non- or low contribution of most of NATO's members to European collective security is both disturbing and infuriating. Trump's statements on NATO reflect that REALITY. Many (most?) of our NATO "allies" are fat, lazy, spoiled, and soft.

But "common cause" is necessary because we need good optics on the international stage. Our "partners" (in this case, Denmark) make a contribution and while it's politically important (it's imperative we all pat each other on the back to show what good friends we are to each other) it's a mess on the battlefield.

Logistics, training, battlefield comms and ops, intra-coalition coordination/deconfliction, on and on; all made more difficult by both cultural and language differences, but also by, in this case, Danish ROE pre-conditions, AND THE SMALL NUMBER OF DANISH SOLDIERS in theater at any one time. But, as noted, the political trumps the battlefield so a VERY good case can be made that the number of casualties/the high percentage of casualties came as a result of DANISH SELF-IMPOSED considerations in unit size, ROE, training, etc.

So while I'm sorry for for the Danish losses, don't you dare try to use Danish blood to dump on Trump; the blame for whatever Danish blood was spilled can be attributed to many different things, but Trump ain't one of them. In fact, one can make the very good argument that Trump's railing on NATO (concerning training, readiness, inter-operability, financial contributions, etc.) will LOWER future casualty rates. In fact, had more aggressive pushes been made years ago on our NATO "allies" it would have resulted in better-prepared coalition partners and thus, lower losses/casualty rates. But it was more important to not push. Or to apologize for past U.S. pushiness/haughtiness. Can't have our non-contributing NATO "allies" mad at us, can we?

But you don't really care about the Danes, do you? They're really just a foil to contrast with the Russians: good (dead) Danish allies as opposed to the bad Russian horde; every Danish casket in the service of your greater objective: to provide a means for your daily anti-Trump ejaculation.

Speaking of Trump and the Russians, whom would you assess to be the bigger problem: teeny, tiny, "allied" Denmark or nuclear-armed, nut-case Russia? Which of the two countries is better prepared/more inclined to poop a nuke on the U.S.? If you say anything other than Russia, you truly are living in an alternate reality.

Trump plays the "nose-holding, but necessary" "keep your friends close, your enemies closer" angle. (Hmmm, as an aside, I don't see you complaining when some of our European "allies" (Germany and France immediately come to mind) do the same thing (and far more often; it's seems a pillar of their foreign policies). But I guess it's different, #BecauseTrump?)

Don't like Trump's approach? Suggest a better one. I've asked you to propose alternatives numerous times in the past (still waiting...). Or vote for a different candidate. But this mania to use every conceivable story/angle to fuel your #TDS is both tiresome and concerning.

And this post of yours is one of the weakest. Unless you can provide additional details that demonstrate competence in the various domains you introduced (e.g., military affairs, coalition warfare, etc.), then you're just doing your usual TDS chirping. I have worked this arena and know both the joke much of coalition warfare is and the necessity of having to play along grinning and bearing it.

If you can't honor the Danes in a better way, then do the next best honorable thing and leave them alone. Using the Danish dead as a prop for your anti-Trump ravings is really low brow stuff.

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Donald Trump, after more than 2.5 years in office, still doesn't know who our friends are and who our enemies are.
The inept pos sure as hell knew what Dane he wanted to be buddies with but his husband put the stops on that! If looks could kill Biden would have backed into his life's goal!