Gay swans attack anyone threatening their nest containing a plastic cup


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On a lighter note... :lol:
A pair of gay male swans have been taken to an animal reserve after attacking several people at an Austrian lake.

The swans were apparently protecting their nest, which, as opposed to an egg, contained a colorful plastic cup, Nachrichten reports.

The aggressive behavior started last summer, according to Kleine Zeitung. This summer, they became even more belligerent according to Franz Steinegger, mayor of Grundlsee. The pair have “attacked everything that came their way,” both on the shore and in the water, he told Kleine Zeitung. “They have thrown themselves on the swimmers, trying to submerge them.”

I wonder if it was a red solo cup?


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Somebody call CNN and tell them Trump sent them to a concentration camp.

We all know they'll swear it's his fault!
There used to be a male swan protecting it's home on the Carmens River on Long Island. Pretty aggressive, and Animal Control had to relocate it. But this was before being gay was popular, so the swan must have been a metrosexual.