George Will Wants Open Borders? 'I'm For As Much Immigration As The Economy Can Take'


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However, with "small government," Will doesn't actually mean small government. What he does mean is cheap labor for Big Business. You see, according to Will, the entire system of entitlements is "here to stay." The problem is "how to pay for them." To do so, America needs a "dynamic" economic system, by which he means the capitalist free market system... and mass immigration.

"I believe immigration is an inherently entrepreneurial act," Will said (much to the surprise of European watchers who see many "entrepreneurial immigrants" from Syria come to Europa, after which they prefer to cash in welfare checks rather than get to work). "It's people uprooting themselves, taking a risk for themselves and their families."

"I think in a country in which baby boomers are retiring, where we have an aging workforce, where we have seven million unfilled jobs at the moment, and we have people clamoring to get into our country to get to work, I'm for as much immigration as the economy can handle. The economy needs immigration just as much as the immigrants need the American economy."