George 'Woke' Bush: If GOP Stands for ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, Then It’s Not Going to Win Anything’


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WASP Ex-President Declares: GOP Can’t Win if It Stands for ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism’

Isgur asked Bush specifically about proposals to put “Anglo-Saxon traditions” into law, and asked Bush if he would ever reach a point where he would say he was not a Republican.

“No, I’d say there’s not going to be a party,” he said.

Guess he want's to climb on the "Everything is Racist" train.


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Ex Presidents are like children. They are better seen than heard.
I always thought Bush was guilty of letting the press and the democrats run all over him.
Now as he opens his yap and makes statements I am changing my feeling into thinking he wasn't so much run over as he was compliant to them.
The best thing Bush could do for his legacy is to STFU.


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Dubya needs to pull his head out and look at the modern GOP. It's not a bunch of white guys like in his day. There are black people, Latinos, women, gays....

He's simply pushing a narrative, which makes me ashamed that I supported him as president. Him buddying up with all the scum who said such horrible things about his family was the first giveaway that he was a Deep State player and liar. Then he crawled out of his hole to bitch and cry about Trump, while kissing the ass of the Obamas. Now he's puking up the Leftist talking point that the GOP is all white men.

He pulled the wool over my eyes and you better believe it won't happen again. Now I'm wondering if he wasn't behind a 9/11 conspiracy to get us into the War that Never Ends like the Left said he was. It's hard to tell because they're liars, but so is Bush. So which liar is actually lying in that case?

Anyway, you all who are claiming that the Republicans are better than the Democrats - hook up with Dubya Bush and you call all pull your heads out together.