Georgian food. Who knew?


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I went to a restaurant that specializes in Georgian cuisine. No not sweet tea, cobbler & brunswick stew Georgia. This is a representation of the Republic of Georgia. საქართველო for you bilingual types.

Little Georgia is in Reisterstown, MD. A bit of a drive from southern Maryland. But worth finding if you happen to be up in that area and are hungry. And you have a bit of an exotic palate.

Here a bit of wiki knowledge about their food:
Georgian cuisine and wine have evolved through the centuries, adapting traditions in each era. Various historical regions of Georgia are known for their particular dishes: for example, khinkali (meat dumplings), from eastern mountainous Georgia, and khachapuri, mainly from Imereti, Samegrelo and Adjara.
I got the adjapsandali which is a cold eggplant salad with peppers, tomatos, onions & garlic. It was very close to a Sicilian caponata in flavor. My son got the sup kharcho. I would have liked to have a bit more rice in it. But it was very flavorful.
For the appetizer we had the adjaruli and this is how it is described on the menu.

Oven baked boat shaped soft bread filled with farmers cheese, topped with butter and poached egg.

Here's their entire menu:

I noticed that they use a lot of walnuts in various dishes. I don't know when I'll be up that way again. I'd like to stop in again and try some different menu items.


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Nice. I'll let my older daughter know...she lived and worked in Georgia for several years, returns every couple of years, and speaks the language fluently. Every now and again she'll surprise us by preparing something Georgian to eat.


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One of my wife's uncles was an Armenian whose family has lived in Georgia for centuries.
He was in a Russian army unit that got captured by the Germans.
When given a turncoat or die choice, he chose to fight for the Germans against the Soviets, who he hated much worse.
Grisha was later captured by a US Army unit, was a POW and came to the States under parole.
He became a naturalized Citizen in 1950, and was one of the most profane individuals it has been my delight to hear.
He passed away about 12 years ago from the effects of Alzheimer's in his late 80's.


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there is a russian cafe (cant remember the name) in landmark. and a really good balcan cafe in del ray. both have really good food.