Get Ready for a Paradigm Shift on Russia, Climate Change, Everything You Think You Know...


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Jeremy Corbyn's brother today branded environmental activist Greta Thunberg an 'ignorant brainwashed child' who is being 'abused by manipulative adults'. Piers Corbyn, 72, a climate change denier who runs forecasting firm WeatherAction, said the 16-year-old who is visiting Britain from her native Sweden is 'wrong' ... 'Listening to an ignorant brainwashed child is deranged.

'I am an actual scientist of physics, meteorology, astrophysics and climate and say Greta Thunberg is wrong and suffers mental abuse by manipulative adults.' ... Piers called protestors who glued themselves to his brother’s house 'deranged' ... Piers, who is the Labour leader's older brother, believes that accepted science on man made climate change is a 'cover up' that exists to push up fuel prices.
Though Piers Corbyn may not realize it is precisely because Greta Thunberg is a child that she is irrefutable. Physics, meteorology, astrophysics are incommensurable to arguments based on victimhood or innocence. They are apples and oranges. "These competing paradigms lack a common measure, because they use different concepts and methods to address different problems, limiting communication across the revolutionary divide," hence, incommensurable in the words of Thomas Kuhn.