Get woke, go broke


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Vegan cafe that boasted about charging male customers an 18% 'man tax' and seating women first is now closing down

A vegan cafe that charged male customers an 18 per cent 'man tax' to highlight the gender wage gap is closing down.

Handsome Her, in Melbourne's trendy Brunswick, made headlines in 2017 when it announced it would tackle gender inequalities by charging men more and seating women first.

But the cafe, run by green activist Alex O'Brien, announced it would shut up shop on April 28, after just two years of trading.

It was not immediately clear why the cafe, billed as a safe space for women and lesbians, is closing, but it has faced widespread backlash for it's perceived reverse sexism.


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The place likely failed because it’s vegan. The market for that style of food is only so big.

The premium for male diners was optional, not a requirement.